Three Little Known Reasons to Buy Insurance Leads

July 7, 2008

As an agent, buying insurance leads is something to consider now, not later. With so much competition in the industry, if you do not purchase leads you may find yourself at the back of the pack sooner rather than later. Fortunately, buying insurance leads is not something that takes a lot of time or money. If you know what you are doing and why you should purchase leads, you will have no problems getting started.

Here are three little known reasons to buy insurance leads:

1. Many agents decide not to buy leads because they cost money that they could spend elsewhere. While this is true, it is important to consider the effects that just one lead could have on your business. Remember, a lead is only an expense if you do nothing with it. The second that the lead turns into a buyer, you have just made money. And not only did you make money, but you have also gained a buyer who may stick with you for years on end. Each year that they renew their policy, you will get paid again.

2. As an agent, you are well aware that every lead is not going to turn into a sale. With that being said, leads that do not purchase a policy are not necessarily dead. You can follow up with them in a few months, or wait for them to get in touch with you at a later date. With each lead that you contact, you are expanding your reach. In other words, you are spreading the word that you have a lot to offer. Just because a lead does not purchase from you on day one does not mean that they will forget about you.

3. Agents who do not purchase leads will have to spend time generating them elsewhere. Do you have the time to find your own insurance leads? The most successful insurance agents spend their time trying to sell to leads they have gathered. If you are spending most of your day attempting to find leads, the time that you have for actual selling will be minimal.

As an agent, consider these three reasons for buying insurance leads. You will never know just how much good leads can bring your business until you purchase a few. is a leading provider of all types of insurance leads. For limited time insurance professionals can receive $200 worth of free insurance leads for activating an account. Go to to take advantage of this offer.

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