ACE USA to Expand Stand-Alone Terrorism Product

April 4, 2003

ACE USA announced that its terrorism-related products would provide broader solutions for U.S.-based clients.

This new offering addresses coverage gaps created by the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA), including losses resulting from acts of domestic terrorism, and expands policy benefits to include international properties. The expanded ACE terrorism insurance program will offer multiple product selections, and increased capacity.

“Under the provisions of TRIA, coverage and capacity issues will remain for large risks and those businesses with subsidiaries outside the U.S. In today’s turbulent world, these are precisely the types of exposures that risk managers can ill afford to ignore,” said Susan Rivera, president, ACE INA Holdings, Inc.

The expanded stand-alone ACE USA policy will cover direct loss or damage to insured property as a result of acts of terrorism, whether “certified” or “non certified” under the TRIA Act of 2002.

In addition, the policy will extend terrorism coverage to include locations beyond U.S. borders and allow the insured with large exposures the ability to specify structures for coverage and tailor policy limits.

“In the few months that TRIA has been in effect, there has not generally been wide acceptance because the coverage being offered is incomplete,” said Ed Zaccaria, president of ACE’s Specialty P&C Group. “This expanded product provides risk managers with more certainty that all acts of terrorism will be covered on a global basis.”

The expanded coverage will be marketed through both retail and wholesale insurance brokers. Wholesale distribution will be coordinated through ACE Westchester Specialty Group, one of the ACE Group of Companies.

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