TWCC Continues Revising, Updating Web Site

October 5, 2004

The Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission announced more revisions to its Web site at The additions include a log of questions and answers about Commission policies and updates to the Approved Doctor List (ADL) to treat injured workers.

“These postings demonstrate our commitment to make more information about the workers’ compensation system readily available to the public,” said Robert L. “Bob” Shipe, acting executive director for the Commission.

Question Resolution Logs (QRLs), posted on the “Services and Resources” page, include questions answers to issues from the past four years, and can be accessed using the site’s search engine. QRLs are often referred to by the Commission to explain the law, rules, or policy in a Q & A format, addressing specific facts.

The ADL includes about 17,000 health care providers who have completed the training required to treat injured workers in the workers’ compensation system. Providers on the list can be found by using the TXCOMP Health Care Provider Management Online System on the Commission Web site.

Updates on doctor denials and removals from the ADL are now posted on the “Public Information” page. The information is posted as three reports: 1) Denied Applications to the ADL; 2) Providers Removed from the ADL; and 3) Providers Requesting Voluntary Removal from the ADL. Updates to the reports will be posted weekly.

Other information about the Commission recently posted to the site at includes the Top Health Care Providers for 2002 and 2003; Top 100 Carrier Attorneys for 2002 and 2003; and the Top 100 Claimant Attorneys.

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