Temporary Accommodations Modernizes Reimbursement Process with Self-Service Receipt Capture Technology

January 26, 2021

Atlanta, GA, January 26, 2021- Temporary Accommodations, the most trusted source for temporary housing in the industry, has raised the bar for technology in the Additional Living Expense space. After introducing their policyholder self-service platform, TA InsuredTrak, early last year, Temporary Accommodations has now introduced a pioneering ‘receipt capture’ function within the platform. Their goal is to relieve an age-old headache in the P&C industry, managing reimbursable receipts.

Temporary Accommodations’ technology increases visibility for both the policyholder and adjuster through real-time temporary housing portals. TA InsuredTrak, for policyholders, displays hotel and long-term placement confirmations, mapping and location features, and check-in/check-out instructions. TA’s technology also gives users the ability to request more time in housing (on the policyholder side) and the ability to approve more time in housing (on the adjuster’s side). These features minimize hotel and housing extension approval delays which help reduce unnecessary spending.

The technology experience for policyholders now goes a step further, allowing InsuredTrak users to not only manage their stay from a mobile device but also capture and organize their reimbursable receipts. This advanced function within InsuredTrak eliminates the old shoebox of receipts many adjusters have sorted through in the past. The receipt capture function of InsuredTrak greatly simplifies the most cumbersome process of a housing claim. For claims professionals using TA’s web portal, TA ClaimTrak, they can log in and quickly amend, sort, and approve the reimbursable receipts uploaded by their insured in a matter of minutes.

Reimbursable expenses have long been a pain point for property adjusters. Aaron Wilson, the President, and CEO at Temporary Accommodations said building a tool for clients to better manage their policyholder’s reimbursable expense has been part of the TA InsuredTrak vision from the get-go. “Temporary Accommodations has always worked to improve insured satisfaction with the entirety of their claim by helping them avoid upfront, out-of-pocket costs. Incorporating a platform for policyholders to upload, organize, and submit their receipts in InsuredTrak seemed like the best way for us to add a lot of value for all parties involved.”

The J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Property Claim Satisfaction Survey found that the three components of the claim process with the highest importance weights in overall satisfaction metrics include the following: fairness of the claim settlement, how well claimants were kept informed, and total time to settle the claim. TA InsuredTrak is focused on providing the policyholder with real-time information on their temporary housing stay. This insight is expected to enhance the temporary housing experience for the policyholder while saving time for the adjuster by improving efficiency throughout the claim.

For more information on InsuredTrak and our technology offering, please contact us:
Mike Leslie, VP of Sales
Temporary Accommodations

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