Business Interruption for Food Borne Illness – Restaurant / Hospitality

December 7, 2006

Do you ever wonder what GL and Products Contamination may NOT cover if a hospitality or restaurant client experiences a food borne illness outbreak? Well, the answer has been around since 1998. Professional Liability Insurance Services, Inc.SM – Underwriting Facilities (PLISSM, Inc.) has established itself as the market on Business Interruption for Food Borne Illness Outbreaks through its Trade Name RestorationSM (TNRSM) coverage available to restaurants and food establishments – from the largest chains to the family-owned operations. The NEW addition to the TNR program now includes the hospitality industry (such as hotels, waterparks) as well as the traditional restaurants we’ve covered since the inception of the program.

NEW – Hospitality Program
The Hospitality program is written on Lloyd’s (A) paper covering named perils ranging from Aeromonas hydrophila to Yersinia enterocolotica. The policy gets the benefit of:

  • A “trade name trigger”;
  • Up to 25% of the applicable limits available for “Incident Response Expenses” including immediate Crisis Management Expenses (as approved by underwriters), communications, marketing and media support (as approved by underwriters);
  • Coverage for Accidental and Malicious Contamination for named perils.
  • Dual coverage trigger of:
    (1) an actual or alleged incident and
    (2) a media announcement.
  • A 7-day/10% reduction of sales waiting period then coverage may be provided back to “day one/dollar one.”
  • Separate sub-limit coverage for suppliers and extortion can be considered.

Crisis Management
The Hospitality program also has access to the certified crisis management team of Specialty Risk Management, Inc.SM (SRMSM) to assist in reducing the impact of loss revenue on the insured. SRM has extensive expertise on:

  • Food law;
  • Public health law;
  • Communicable diseases / pathology;
  • Media and marketing techniques, customer hotline and food borne illness protocols.

The SRM Crisis Management Team is available 24/7 in order to meet the needs of any covered location from the immediate onset of any potential outbreak and they are able to work directly or indirectly with local, state or federal health authorities.

General Features
The TNR Program provides unmatched coverage with:

  • Flexible in-house underwriting
  • An easy 2-page application process – NO COMPLEX WORKSHEETS
  • A broad range of limits and deductible options;

The traditional program will still consider fast food, casual and fine dining operations of any size. In addition, we now look at resorts/hotels and the dining facilities within those operations.

For more information regarding this News Release, please contact:
Underwriters at PLIS
P: 800-761-7547 or 512-328-0677
F: 512-327-5834

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