Florida Assignment of Benefits Crisis: Where Does the Industry Go From Here?


On-demand webinar now available!

This on-demand webinar, hosted by Insurance Journal, provides you with an overview of the assignment of benefits crisis that is plaguing Florida and how the insurance industry is responding.

We’ll answer these questions:

  • How bad is Florida’s AOB problem?
  • How is the abuse hurting Florida insurance consumers?
  • How is AOB abuse affecting carriers writing business in Florida?
  • What are state regulators and officials doing to stop the abuse?

We’ll also address:

  • What changes carriers are making to protect their portfolios
  • The industry’s work for AOB reform in the Florida Legislature
  • How to keep your customers from being a victim of an AOB scam

Meet our experts, who will share their insights and experiences:

Barry Gilway, president/CEO and executive director, Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corp.


Logan McFaddin, regional manager, Property Casualty Insurers Association (PCI)



Patrick Wraight, director, Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance



Paul Huszar, president and CEO of emergency remediation services company VetCor LLC

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