Driving Decisions with Data in Auto Insurance


A Study of Variations in Medical Treatment Cost and Duration for Common Auto Injuries

Auto insurance companies spend many resources and dollars on medical claims. Much of the analysis conducted is limited to industry-specific data, without access to broader evidence-based benchmarks. By examining non-auto-related claims, better insight into the cost and treatment durations for injuries can be gained.

In this new white paper from ODG by MCG, Milliman’s Senior Director of Clinical Analytics, Lashana Narayan, ASA, MAAA, and Data Analyst III, Daniel P. Triplett, MPH, explore:

  • The top 10 auto-related injuries by cost and treatment duration
  • Data on the percentages of 1-day patients who start treatment in the emergency room
  • Costs of care based on the initial care provider type (emergency room, primary care practice, or specialist)

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