Navigating Flood Risk When the Risk is Becoming Unpredictable


Carrier Management Presents Strategy Sessions – A Lunch Hour Look at Critical Topics with Industry Movers and Shakers  

Episode 10: Navigating Flood Risk When the Risk is Becoming Unpredictable

Hosted by:

Elizabeth Blosfield

Deputy Editor,
Carrier Management

Special Guest:

John Dickson

President & CEO,
Aon Edge


The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is underway, and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted that it will be yet another active year for hurricane activity. Among reports of increasing severe weather events, where the next flooding event will come from and how severe it will be are becoming difficult questions to answer.

Watch now on-demand, as this months guest John Dickson, president and CEO of Aon Edge, discusses how insurers can navigate an unpredictable natural catastrophe environment and the biggest considerations for insurers when covering flood in particular. He’ll share what he’s observed the insurance industry doing well in keeping up with growing concerns about flood risk, the challenges the industry still faces, and the ways insurers can educate clients about managing their own flood risk.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why homeowner’s insurance isn’t enough to protect from flood damage
  • How insurers can educate clients about managing their flood risk
  • What the industry has learned from recent major weather events
  • How unpredictable weather events are creating insurance challenges
  • Where the industry is headed as severe weather events increase

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