CoreLogic: Washington Chelan Wildfire Threatens More Than 13,000 Homes

August 28, 2015

Close to 13,121 homes with a combined reconstruction cost of more than $3 billion are at some level of risk from the Chelan Wildfire, according to CoreLogic hazard risk analysis. The homes at risk are located in the following Washington zip codes:


Of that total, 634 homes, or 5 percent, with a total reconstruction cost of more than $198 million are at “Maximum Risk” or “Moderately High Risk” of damage.

Although the majority of homes, 12,156, or 93 percent, are at “Minimal Risk” of damage, wildfire can easily expand to adjacent properties and cause significant damage even if the property is not considered high risk in its own right.

Table 1 shows the risk levels for all of the homes in these eight zip codes based on the CoreLogic Wildfire Risk Score. This score indicates the level of susceptibility to wildfire damage and includes the risk associated with the property being located in close proximity to other high-risk properties or areas. The higher the score, the greater the risk of damage.

Table 1

Wildfire Score (1-100) Total Homes Reconstruction Cost
Minimal Risk 1 to 50 12,156 $3,365,335,401
Moderately Low Risk 51 to 60 331 $91,954,769
Moderately High Risk 61 to 80 260 $81,566,696
Maximum Risk 81 to 100 374 $116,561,528


The reconstruction cost values represent estimates to rebuild the home, taking into account labor and materials, and are based on 100-percent or total destruction of the residential structure. Depending upon the size of the wildfire, there may be less than 100-percent damage to the residence, which would result in a lower realized reconstruction cost.

Source: CoreLogic

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