Measure Seeks to Combat Teen Distracted Driving

March 1, 2013

Last year, the Idaho Legislature outlawed texting while driving.

This year, lawmakers hope to make further inroads in combating distracted drivers, with a measure that would prohibit young drivers from using cell phones and other wireless devices during a six-month period following the successful completion of their driver training.

The penalty for getting caught would be withholding teens’ license for another six months.

The bill narrowly cleared the House Transportation Committee this week, 9-7.

Rep. Kelley Packer of McCammon said she was swayed to support the measure, on grounds that reducing distracted driving among youngsters just climbing behind the wheel might save just one life.

AAA of Idaho, the automobile group, brought the legislation, in a bid to make Idaho’s roads safer.

The House will now vote on the bill.

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