Platinum Claims Services Adds ProcessClaims’ Platform

October 13, 2004

California-based Platinum Claims Services Inc. (Platinum Claims) has chosen ProcessClaims’ ClaimsPort Software as the platform to provide third party administrative services for material damage claims. By utilizing ProcessClaims, a customized material damage management solution, Platinum Claims now reportedly offers unparalleled cycle time, quality and consistency to the market.

“Platinum Claims has built its business on core values of integrity, quality and efficiency,” said Tim Nelson, COO of Platinum Claims. “The ProcessClaims solution has provided the system architecture and process to not only integrate with our existing applications but also to reinforce and strengthen our core business practices.”

ProcessClaims ClaimsPort adds to Platinum Claims’ automation by configuring a solution to suit Platinum Claims’ specific business requirements. ProcessClaims’ open platform provides seamless connections to all partners involved in the claim process, including the insurance adjusters, the appraisers and the material damage auditors. By automating the claim process, claim costs are reportedly reduced and customer satisfaction is increased due to the improved cycle time to estimate, audit and deliver the appraisals.

One of the main objectives of this project was to integrate the ProcessClaims solution with Platinum Claims’ proprietary FNOL (first notice of loss) system. This reportedly ensures the fastest response to customers by connecting the customer to the appraiser almost immediately after the claim is reported, as well as to increase the efficiency of the internal processes.

“We are delighted with the quantitative success of this project and even more pleased that Platinum Claims will utilize our solution as a strategic advantage to attract and serve new clients,” added Paul Farber CEO of ProcessClaims.

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