GLM Mycology Lab Gets to the Bottom of Mold Information

August 22, 2003

What do Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Blockbuster Video, 7-Eleven and IHOP have in common with mold?

A FunGuy (not fungi) named Grant Miller. Miller is the former president of Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants International, parent of Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts, where more than 3,600 stores in over 50 countries reported to him. He recently joined MOLDoctor, Inc as president and CEO. MOLDoctor is a small but growing mold investigation company based in San Diego County doing business as GLM Mycology Lab.

There’s actually more to the “funguy” tag than meets the eye, ear nose or throat.

Grant and founder, George Miller believed that, with the hysteria surrounding mold in the past few years, it was time to bring a little sanity to this very serious business. Grant Miller noted that, “GLM is a company that has built a strong reputation on solid science, good customer relationships and a straight-shooting approach. Insurance adjusters, who bring us the bulk of our business, have come to appreciate how GLM goes out of its way to reduce customer’s anxiety by acquainting them with the facts in a low-key, positive fashion. We’re out to make customers successful and happy. We do that, not only by educating them about the real issues, but also by defusing some of the emotion, sometimes with facts, sometimes with humor. Happy, trusting customers demand less of their insurance provider. That makes GLM’s clients, the insurance companies, more profitable and happier too.”

“We focus only on mold investigation and analysis, thereby leveraging our core expertise, with over 40 years of our founder’s scientific experience in microbiology, chemistry, allergy and water quality,” Miller continued. “With this singular focus, GLM carefully avoids conflicts of interest associated with companies that work both the investigation and remediation ends of the business. Since we don’t perform or profit from the remediation work, our primary focus is on helping customers reach the best solution at the lowest possible cost.”

As for the switch from big name retail chains to GLM Mycology Lab, Miller said he was intrigued by the opportunity to apply the lessons he learned running big franchised companies to a small company in a growing, yet chaotic and poorly served market. “It’s the Wild West. By applying professional business processes and state-of-the-art information processing technology to the solid scientific foundation created by GLM founder and COO, George Miller, we believe we can reduce costs while raising the bar on quality and speed of service.”

Grant continued that, “The scientific analysis side of our business is very strong. So, in the short term, we are focusing on developing systems, processes and people and on using technology to improve efficiencies on the service side of the business. Growth will come as a byproduct of quality and, value pricing and strong word-of-mouth.”

For more information on the company, call (619) 741-1075.

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