RGL Launches Customized Internet Database

August 8, 2003

RGL – Forensic Accountants and Consultants, announced the introduction of its newest tool in the management of complex multi-incident cases and claims – the RGL PowerBase.

Individually customized for each file, the RGL PowerBase is an Internet-based, data management tool that allows attorneys, loss adjusters, claims managers, and certain related parties to understand large volumes of incidents and data relating to economic damages, view computations, analyze trends, chart and graph data, and print customized reports from anywhere in the world at any time.

Introduced at the American Bar Association Expo in San Francisco, the PowerBase is reportedly valuable for any case involving a significant depth of multi-incident data – whether product liability, class action or a case involving multiple insurers, explained RGL’s CEO, Sherlyn Farrell. “The beauty of the PowerBase is that the database is custom-designed for each project on a secure Internet platform,” she said. “At the initial stages, we work closely with the client to identify the appropriate issues, documentation, records and timing particular to their case. The ultimate design of the PowerBase is determined by our client’s needs and requirements.”

Once the design is determined, RGL’s specialists populate the database using a wide variety of source documents representing important elements of the incidents under review. As the database is populated, RGL’s critical analysis begins to further direct the effort and prepare for expert reports & litigation support services.

The RGL PowerBase is programmed in the secure web-based platform of PHP and offers custom-designed layers of security to protect data from intentional destruction, unintentional damage, or inappropriate entry. While RGL professionals and clients will usually desire full access to the PowerBase, third-party security can be added, limiting certain individuals’ access to particular detail information or types of reports.

Other features of the PowerBase include the ability to customize reports based on evolving needs and demands throughout a lawsuit or claim. Settings may be quickly and easily programmed to view total incidents by state; by status or size; or by demand amounts.

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