Workers’ Compensation Web Reporting Portal Opened by PMSI-Tmesys

September 9, 2005

PMSI-Tmesys, a workers’ compensation services provider in Tampa, Fla. has introduced a web portal reporting service that provides instant, self-service reporting capabilities to its clients.

Using the PMSI-Tmesys Web Portal, customers log onto a password-protected web site to retrieve and analyze their data. User-friendly reports can pull lists of medications prescribed to a particular claimant, top-prescribed drugs, top dispensing pharmacies, blocked or non-compensable transactions, durable medical equipment purchases and rentals, and payer-specific savings among other criteria.

“We developed a series of reports based on information customers used most,” Kenneth Petersen, PMSI-Tmesys Chief Information Officer said. “The portal gives them the flexibility to drill down into all the data we have compiled for them, analyze it, export it, customize it, and present it in a number of different ways.”

The PMSI-Tmesys Web Portal replaces a system that stored electronic data and e-mailed monthly reports to clients. As clients requested more control over the timing and appearance of reports, PMSI-Tmesys moved to a centralized data warehouse and an online reporting system, empowering its clients to access and manipulate their data any time.

“Our customers no longer have to wait until the end of the month for important managerial and trending data,” Peterson explained. “We’re organizing it and providing it now. This enables busy claims professionals to see big picture results and to make critical decisions that can have a major impact on effective treatment plans, as well as cost control considerations.”

Report access is role-based, meaning that different types of reports are available to different job functions as set by PMSI-Tmesys’ clients. For example, a claims adjuster might focus on the patient level to find out exactly what medications a patient has been taking. An insurance or third-party administrator executive could run an employer-level report, viewing each company’s total patients, number of prescription fills, retail price, fee schedules, and savings information.
To keep it simple, all reports use consistent formatting and follow an Office-style interface. Reports are easily downloaded into Excel, Word, Access, HTML, PDF or text files. It uses a standard web browser, requires no special software and the initial set-up takes just minutes. There is no additional charge to current customers.
For information, visit or call 877-275-7674.

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