Franklin Circuit Court (Ky.) Rules AIK Comp Assessment to Move Forward

November 23, 2004

Franklin Circuit Court (Kentucky) Judge William Graham ruled recently that the assessment of AIK Comp members will go forward as planned.

The ruling was in response to a motion filed on behalf of a group of AIK Comp members seeking immediate relief from the assessment. The motion was filed earlier last week by Greg Mitchell of Frost, Brown, Todd.

“This is excellent news for us and for the members of AIK Comp,” said Martin Koetters, rehabilitator of AIK Comp. “In order to protect the injured workers of Kentucky, it is vital that the assessment continue as scheduled. We are very pleased with the ruling.”

In addition, Judge Graham ordered that a hearing be scheduled for late December or early January so he can determine the validity of objections to the assessment and members can receive information on how the assessment amounts were calculated, as well as details of the rehabilitation plan.

As of Nov. 18, AIK Comp reported that $410,550.98 has been collected from 144 members. Twenty-one of those 144 members paid the initial installment and signed a promissory note for the remainder.

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