Permits Necessary to Repair Storm-Damaged Structures Following Hurricane Ivan

September 27, 2004

Homeowners, landlords and business owners are urged to check with local and county governments regarding permits before repairing or rebuilding a structure damaged by Hurricane Ivan. There can reportedly be strict local requirements on how and where structures may be renovated.

“Specific requirements are in place to assure there is a lessening or even a removal of potential for damage in future disastrous storms,” Federal Coordinating Officer Lou Botta of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said. Local governments encourage those affected by storms to use proven mitigation methods to prevent repeated flooding in the future.

“There are many approaches to mitigating storm-damaged structures, including elevation or relocation of the property,” Stephen Kappa, state coordinating officer of the West Virginia Office of Emergency Services, said.

“We urge contractors and property owners to visit their local permitting offices and obtain the necessary permits before beginning the rebuilding process,” Kappa added. “Prior planning and good information will produce a structure that will withstand the next major disaster.”

Local and county governments use permits to ensure that rebuilding meets the local floodplain ordinances. Information on requirements is available from local permitting offices.

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