Tenn. Water Group Receives Governor’s Award for Workplace Safety, Going 5 Years Without Injury

July 8, 2004

Natural Springs Water Group in Johnson City, Tennessee has earned the Governor’s Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety and Health, given by the Tennessee Department of Labor & Development.

Jim Flanagan, who heads the Voluntary Protection Program for Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA), presented the award recently on behalf of Governor Bredesen during a safety meeting at Natural Springs Water Group to celebrate the company’s exceptional safety record.

“Natural Springs Water Group has a remarkable safety history,” Flanagan said. “Company employees have worked since 1999 without a reportable injury. That kind of record clearly shows they are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.”

The evaluation criteria for the Governor’s Award of Excellence are ambitious. The award is given to Tennessee employers who meet a required number of hours during a calendar year without workplace injuries serious enough to cause an employee to miss a day of work or restrict his normal job activities. The number of hours required is based on the size of the company.

Natural Springs Water Group, located at 300 Bogs Lane in Johnson City, is a smaller employer in terms of staff, employing 10 people. No other bottler has reportedly received the Governor’s Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety and Health.

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