Medical Justice Introduces Countersuit Malpractice Policies in N.C.

March 19, 2003

Medical Justice™ Corporation announced it is partnering with local insurance brokers in North Carolina and Ohio, as well as the Florida Medical Association, to protect physicians from frivolous malpractice cases with its patented Medical Justice™

The company said Medical Justice not only provides insurance that pays for countersuits, it also provides a deterrent package using the option of countersuit and other proprietary means to prevent these “frivolous” malpractice lawsuits from being initiated in the first place.

According to Tim Ward, VP of Greensboro, N.C., based Senn, Dunn, Marsh and Roland, “By introducing Medical Justice™, all physicians are doing is providing a counterbalance to the lack of a disincentive for frivolous lawsuits. With Medical Justice™, the scales of justice are in balance.”

The Florida Medical Association endorses Medical Justice™, a company that went to market in early 2002. Medical Justice™ Legal Insurance has just entered into partnerships with leading medical malpractice insurance brokers in North Carolina and Ohio. It is also available in Florida, California, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Lousiana and Puerto Rico.

“Whether we get tort reform or not we are determined to rid the health system of the proponents of frivolous, unwarranted malpractice lawsuits that cost the community significant sums in higher healthcare premiums and decreases the availability of the highest quality healthcare,” said Dr. Jeffrey Segal, a board certified neurosurgeon and founder of Medical Justice™.

“Doctors are being prevented from doing what they are called to do because of the emotional and financial drains on them when they get these malpractice suits that have absolutely no merit. We are delighted with our partnership. We are now able to proactively support our doctors with this breakthrough coverage,” said Corbin Moore, president of Sirak-Moore Insurance Agency in Canton, Ohio.

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