Louisiana Sinkhole Continues to Grow

April 2, 2014

The sinkhole near Bayou Corne sucked down another patch of earth as Texas Brine Co. released pressure again from its failed salt dome cavern near the 29-acre swampland sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

Officials say the edge collapse, or slough-in, came five days after six trees in the same area were pulled down into the hole’s watery depths. Texas Brine was releasing pressure from the cavern around the same time.

photo: Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
photo: Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

State regulators said Monday they are trying to determine to what extent reducing pressure in the cavern is linked to recent slough-ins.

Patrick Courreges, spokesman for the state Department of Natural Resources, tells The Advocate state and Texas Brine officials are trying to reduce cavern pressure in measured amounts and watch for any consequences.

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