Ark. Agent Sentenced to Correction Facility for Insurance Fraud

July 6, 2007

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Julie Benafield Bowman announced insurance agent Christy Vocque of Saline County has been sentenced to serve 60 days in a regional correction facility for committing insurance fraud. Vocque, the owner of the Vocque Insurance Agency in Bryant, diverted client funds including premium payments to her own personal use, the insurance department said.

Vocque entered a voluntary plea of guilty to one count of Theft of Property in excess of $2,500 (a class B Felony), 13 counts of Theft of Property in an amount less than $2,500 but greater than $500 (a class C Felony), and six counts of Theft of Property in an amount less than $500. In addition to the 60 days sentence, Vocque received 20 years probation on the class B Felony and 10 years probation on each of the class C Felonies which is to run concurrently with the 20 years probation. The first five years of Vocque’s probation are to be supervised.

A special condition of Vocque’s probation is a prohibition from handling other people’s money or being in charge of other people’s money. This prohibition includes employment situations as well as charitable and recreational activities such as church or school functions.

Commissioner Bowman stated, “As a result of negotiations with Arkansas Insurance Department staff, Ms. Vocque has made full restitution to her clients.”

In addition to making monetary restitution, Vocque was fined $1,000 and ordered to pay court costs of $150 and DNA fees. The case was prosecuted in the Saline County Circuit Court, Criminal Division.

Source: Arkansas Insurance Department

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