RG America Notes Unveiling of the RG Strategic Operations Center

February 5, 2006

RG Restoration Inc. (“RG”) d/b/a The Restoration Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of RG America Inc. (“RGA”), launched its RG Strategic Operations Center located at its corporate headquarters in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

The “RG Ops Center” is part of RG’s initiative to meet the growing demand for remediation, recovery and reconstruction in the hurricane devastated areas in the Gulf and Atlantic states. RG has introduced plans for mobilizing its emergency response teams and equipment to assist its clients for the coming 2006 Hurricane season (starting mid-summer of this year). Many experts are predicting at least five more years of intense hurricane seasons with the same number of storms of equal or greater intensity as 2004/2005 for Coastal areas of the US.

The RG Ops Center serves two functions: A) coordinating its assets and personnel in a unified plan of action, even if faced with multiple areas of focus (ie.-hurricanes hitting different areas of the U.S. coast); and B) maintaining ongoing operations (such as reconstruction) with support, equipment and logistics to serve its customers with existing needs and to see them through the restoration of their properties.

The “RG Ops Center,” using multi-media, cable, and satellite feeds was launched in January of this year and will assist RG’s ability to track, administer and maintain projects spread throughout the Southeastern U.S. The Ops Center will also serve as a command center during the hurricane and storm season, tracking each of the tropical depressions as they begin in the Atlantic or Gulf, in order to assure its emergency teams a “first response” edge to potential devastated areas for company clients.

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