Okla.’s Governor Henry Calls for Fisher’s Resignation

September 1, 2004

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry released the following statement calling for the resignation of State Insurance Commissioner Carroll Fisher, after a bipartisan state House impeachment committee unanimously recommended impeachment proceedings against Fisher.

“In light of the House investigative committee’s report and its unanimous, bipartisan recommendation for impeachment, it would clearly be in the best interest of the state of Oklahoma and its citizens for Commissioner Fisher to resign,” Gov. Henry said.

“He is facing very serious charges, and the committee’s decision to push for his ouster underscores the severity of those allegations and the weight of the evidence that supports them.

“Although Commissioner Fisher has made it abundantly clear that he does not plan to resign, I would urge him to consider the damage that the impending impeachment proceedings will inflict on the state of Oklahoma. He should conclude that the people would be better served by a resignation than a protracted and expensive ouster trial in the Legislature.

“For many weeks, I have withheld judgment on Commissioner Fisher and allowed the criminal justice and impeachment investigations to gather evidence. Although everyone in our justice system is innocent until proven guilty, I believe the pending criminal charges, the impeachment proceedings and the evidence gathered in their support have compromised Commissioner Fisher’s ability to serve as an effective representative of the people of Oklahoma. If he has the best interest of the people at heart, he will step down and continue his legal battles as a private citizen.

“If Commissioner Fisher does not resign, I will work with legislative leaders to ensure the impeachment process continues to move forward in a fair, timely and efficient manner.”

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