MarketScout to Honor U.S. Heroes With Sept. 11 Celebration

August 12, 2004

Dallas-based MarketScout announced it will hold a Heroes celebration on Sept. 11, 2004, to honor American soldiers who have served on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, and is encouraging insurance leaders across the country to hold similar celebrations for soldiers who hail from their particular state.

The company noted it already has received support from many large insurers and brokers, all of whom believe in showing our young men and women we appreciate what they are doing for their country. MarketScout’s vision is for thousands of soldiers to be honored.

For the Dallas event, over 300 people have committed to attend the Heroes celebration where soldiers and their spouses will be honored. The celebration will include a marching band, dinner, cocktails and a pro ball game the next day at which all of the soldiers will be recognized.

MarketScout said if insurance professionals in other communities cannot hold a celebration locally, the company will accept nominations of soldiers whom it will fly to Dallas for the Heroes celebration, which will be held at 7:00 p.m. at Royal Oaks Country Club in Dallas.

Attending soldiers and their spouses will receive recognition from several well-known personalities, including NFL Hall-of-Famer Roger Staubach and Major General J.D. Thurman, Commanding General of the 4th infantry, the division that captured Saddam Hussein.

All expenses for the event will be paid by MarketScout.

For more information, or to nominate a Hero from your community to attend this celebration as MarketScout’s guest, visit

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