Jones Pleads Guilty to Fraud

November 18, 2003

Jimmy L. Jones of Victoria, Texas pleaded guilty to workers’ compensation fraud-related charges recently. The court sentenced Jones to two years in a state jail facility, probated for three years.

The court also ordered Jones to pay $3,825 in restitution to Texas Mutual Insurance Company, serve 60 hours of community service, pay the court costs, and complete any counseling recommended by his probation officer.

The Jones case began when he belatedly reported an alleged job-related injury from his job at Jen’s Oilfield Service in Edinburg. After reviewing the injury report, Texas Mutual Insurance Company disputed the claim.

At a Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission (TWCC) benefit review conference, Jones reportedly testified that he had been disabled and unable to work between Aug. 15, 2001 and Dec. 3, 2001. TWCC ordered Texas Mutual Insurance Company to pay Jones $3,825 in back income benefits for the period of his alleged disability.

A Texas MutualSM investigation later reportedly revealed that, in fact, Jones was gainfully employed during the period of his alleged disability. Therefore, he was not entitled to temporary income benefits for his alleged injury.

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