IIAT Urges Members to Support Prop. 12

September 4, 2003

The Independent Insurance Agents of Texas announced it is urging its 2,000 independent insurance agency members to support Proposition 12 in the upcoming Sept. 13 election.

In a letter to members, IIAT President Jim Berger said, “Your support is critical in overcoming the well-financed opposition of personal injury trial lawyers who are mounting a multi-million dollar campaign to preserve the status quo. We believe that status quo is bad for Texans.”

This proposition will authorize the legislature to set limits on non-economic damage awards arising from lawsuits against health care providers and may reduce the cost of medical liability insurance policies for doctors and medical facilities. A press release issued by the Yes on 12 committee reports that states with caps on non-economic damages saw liability premiums increase an average 12 percent in 2001, while premiums jumped 44 percent in states without caps.

Berger told members, “Too often adequate medical services are scant or not available because medical services providers have been driven out of certain areas due to the increasing cost of medical liability insurance brought about largely by excessive non-economic damage awards.”

IIAT is urging members to do all they can to support Proposition 12 by contacting voters in the areas they serve with the message “vote yes on Proposition 12.”

Early voting continues through Sept. 9.

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