Nation’s Police Agencies Check Ford SUVs for Carbon Monoxide Leaks

August 8, 2017

Southwest Florida law enforcement agencies are checking Ford SUVs in their vehicle fleets to keep officers safe from carbon monoxide leaks.

So far, no complaints of sickness have been submitted sheriff’s offices in Southwest Florida, but law enforcement is checking to make sure their Ford Explorer Police Interceptor SUVs are functioning correctly.

Problems with the vehicles have arisen at other law enforcement agencies, including the Austin Police Department, where 400 SUVs were taken out of service after officers began to feel sick. The problems have been reported in vehicles from 2011 to 2017.

Ford has promised to work with departments.

The News-Press reports Lee County Sheriff’s Office has 100 of the models in use.

In Massachusetts, one police department reported a crash after an officer was exposed to the gas.

Police there say Ford has resolved the issue of elevated levels of carbon monoxide in its cruisers after an officer exposed to the gas passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle and crashed.

The Auburn Police Department said Saturday on its Facebook page that Ford engineers and Auburn mechanics have “corrected” the problem. The department says it anticipates that three remaining vehicles were to be modified by Monday.

Police said Wednesday three officers were hospitalized for “high carbon monoxide levels,” including one who passed out in a cruiser and rear-ended another vehicle. He wasn’t badly hurt.

Multiple Ford Explorer SUVs were pulled out of service.

A Ford spokesperson says engineers found some unsealed holes from modifications made to install police equipment. Ford believes that’s what caused exhaust to enter.

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