Claims Journal’s Top 10 Legal Articles of 2016

December 27, 2016

For the second year in a row, Claims Journal compiled a list of the top read legal articles of 2016. This year’s article topics covered everything from hail to driverless car litigation.

Several articles on hail topped the list of most read articles this year. What began as a problem in Texas has now reached Colorado, Oklahoma and Minnesota courts. If the barrage of hail damage lawsuits continue, insurers may begin excluding these types of claims, said Steve Badger, a partner with Zelle LLP in Texas.

Read on for the top 10 Legal Articles of 2016:

  1. The Emerged Hail Risk: What the Hail is Still Going on and Getting Worse? By Steven Badger.
  2. Medicare Set-Aside Accounts for Future Medical Expenses in Personal Injury Claims By Richard M. Williams and Kathryn Camerlengo.
  3. Commentary: The Failure of No Fault Insurance By Gary Wickert.
  4. Subrogating Snowmageddon and Winter Roof Claims By Gary Wickert.
  5. Driverless Car Litigation: The World of George Jetson Has Arrived By Gary Wickert.
  6. Owned Vehicle Exclusion Defeats Underinsured Motorist Claim By Richard Wolf.
  7. If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Does the Subrogation Department Hear it? By Gary Wickert.
  8. Damage to Property Without Market Value By Gary Wickert.
  9. Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Technology: Finding New Roads to Trial Presentations By Gary Calzaretta, Peter Keumpel and Dan Halenza.
  10. The Parable of the Crippled Mare: Loss-Of-Use Now Recoverable in Texas Total Loss Auto Cases By Gary Wickert.

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