CNN Meteorologist Educates People on Extreme Weather Preparedness

By Denise Johnson | October 4, 2012

Working at CNN meteorologist Bonnie Schneider has covered many large scale weather events. The experience prompted her to author a book, Extreme Weather, which she discussed in a recent interview with Claims Journal.

The book covers a variety of large scale weather events from wildfires to rip currents.

“Working on a national program really allowed me to cover big events that I hadn’t covered before, like earthquakes and wildfires and tornado outbreaks,” Schneider said.

While information is available, people don’t always have it in time to prepare for a big, potentially devastating, weather event, according to Schneider.

“Let’s say June 1, the beginning of hurricane season, there might be an article in the newspaper about what to do to prepare for hurricanes, but people don’t remember that from year to year and certainly don’t have time to go searching for the information,” Schneider said.

Schneider is also the on camera extreme weather expert and co-executive producer of a new special airing on the DIY Network called “Last House Standing.” The one hour show gives homeowners proactive advice on how to protect homes from hurricane force winds, torrential rains and devastating earthquakes.

The next air date is Sunday, Oct. 7. The show has covered retrofitting homes in earthquake-prone areas and how debris can become missiles during a tornado.

“It’s an interesting special for people that are interested in weather, but I think more importantly for homeowners to really see what weather can do and what you can do, the steps you can take to better ensure your home is not destroyed in an extreme weather event,” Schneider said.

As for predictions, Schneider thinks extreme weather events will continue.

“I think what we’re seeing with extreme weather is that it can and will happen in areas that might not typically see it,” she said, citing the two summer tornadoes in New York City and the derecho that drenched the East Coast.

“It doesn’t have to be a huge event to impact thousands of people. No matter where you live you will be impacted by some type of extreme weather or face that threat,” Schneider added.

Listen to the entire podcast interview. Schneider is the keynote speaker at the 2012 First Party Claims Conference being held in Warwick, R.I. on October 15-17.

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