Imaging at a Glance Study Published

May 5, 2004

The Academy of Producer Insurance Studies, based in Austin, Texas, announced the publication of Imaging at a Glance, a new publication that investigates the process and popularity of imaging – the electronic storage and management of documents and photographs – and explains the advantages of using the system for insurance agencies.”

“Author Robert E. Dunn III, CIC, who also wrote the book Transactional Filing: An Integrated Approach, relied on his 20+ years of insurance industry experience to create a guide for agencies searching for a more efficient storage and retrieval system of documents,” said the announcement. “The Academy supplemented the author’s analysis and procedural steps with the survey results of 225 independent insurance agencies that are currently using scanning and imaging.”

The bulletin noted that “While imaging is not a brand-new idea, many agencies are just beginning to embrace it. Of the agencies using imaging in the Academy survey, 38 percent have used imaging for less than a year. Another 40 percent have used it for just one to three years.”

The study found that agencies use imaging to save time and increase productivity. Time saving efficiency was identified as the greatest benefit. Some obstacles to incorporating this technology were also uncovered. Survey participants mentioned the learning curve and reluctance to accept change as the main difficulties. While imaging is not a perfect method for storing documents, the book points out how its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

To help agencies understand and initiate the imaging process Imaging at a Glance explores the following areas:
— Defining and explaining imaging
— Benefits of using imaging
— Evaluating imaging’s effectiveness
— Choosing an imaging system
— Determining what items should be scanned
— Figuring out who scans items and when
— Treatment of paper files
— Implementation procedures
— Future of information management

Imaging at a Glance is available for purchase at $35 + $3 shipping and handling. To order a copy, call 800-526-2777 or order online:

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