AAA Encourages Motorists to be Alert to Auto Insurance Fraud

October 16, 2013

Auto insurance fraud is a crime that costs everyone, AAA Michigan reports. Surprisingly, one in six Michigan residents knows someone who has committed insurance fraud, according to a new statewide poll.

Whenever someone files a false stolen vehicle claim, damages or destroys a vehicle on purpose for money or submits bills for medical services not provided, these claims push up the cost of auto insurance for everyone. Insurance thieves are taking money from your wallet every day in Michigan – in fact, estimates are insurance fraud costs the average Michigan family $100 to $200 in additional property/casualty premiums each year.

Despite the fact that insurance fraud is a felony in Michigan – with conviction including up to $50,000 in fines, mandatory restitution and four years in jail — these claims are increasing.

That’s why Governor Rick Snyder has proclaimed “Michigan Insurance Fraud Awareness Week,” October 13-19, 2013. A recent survey of AAA Michigan members shows 94 percent favor tighter controls and stiffer penalties to help combat fraud and lower insurance rates. AAA Michigan strongly supports auto insurance fraud awareness efforts.

In fact, AAA Michigan pays millions in legitimate claims each year. The company also works diligently to ensure fraudulent claims are not paid. AAA Michigan has trained claims professionals to help identify and investigate suspicious claims, and when necessary, works with law enforcement to prosecute and seek restitution from those involved in fraudulent claim activities.

AAA Michigan encourages all state residents to keep an eye out for suspicious activities, ranging from a simple exaggerated claim for medical care or vehicle body work to a sophisticated fraud ring involving multiple vehicles.

AAA is actively involved in two state organizations that have been established to combat all types of arson and auto theft, including fraudulent acts, and – along with other insurance companies — provides funding for rewards associated with these programs.

Concerned residents can call 1-800-242-H.E.A.T. (Help Eliminate Auto Theft) to report information on stolen cars and suspected auto theft activities. H.E.A.T. tips are rewarded with up to $1,000 each for information that leads to the arrest and binding over for trail of a suspected car thief, and up to $10,000 if the tip results in the arrest and binding over for trial of suspected theft ring members and /or chop shop operators.

Through ARSON CONTROL, rewards of up to $5,000 are paid to persons who provide information that leads to the arrest and /or conviction of arsons. The phone number for reporting these crimes is 1-800-44-ARSON.

Source: AAA Michigan

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