Ohio Mutual Co. Licenses AcroSoft’s Content Management Solution

October 6, 2003

Ohio Mutual Insurance Company has signed contracts to implement AcroSoft’s Insurance Content Management (ICM) solution.

The initial implementation will include the AS Docs System together with its ad-hoc workflow capability and web application interface, which lets adjusters and agents and access their company’s document repository via the Internet. AcroSoft ICM solutions integrate information from throughout the enterprise and deliver it to the right person at the right time. Using document imaging and automated workflow capabilities, ICM integrates security, tracking, reporting, and event triggering.

“AcroSoft’s AS Docs capability will enable us to dispose of our aging microfilm equipment and gain space in our work area because far less equipment is required to function in the AcroSoft environment,” said Vice President of Administration, Marylyn Strang. “The AcroSoft Imaging system will let us efficiently provide quality new business and change images to our users, while taking the Records Department personnel out of the retrieval process.”

Assistant Vice President of e-Business and Non-Standard Operations, Scott Mackey, added, “We selected AcroSoft’s ICM because of its flexibility. We have been able to easily integrate AcroSoft with our new policy administration system, which will put a wealth of information in the hands of our underwriters, claims adjusters, and customer service representatives. AcroSoft’s web viewer allows us to present images to a greater audience. AcroSoft’s structure and approach to implementation lets the customer determine how to use the system’s capabilities and offers flexibility with regard to the hardware and configuration we will use. This has allowed us to exercise far greater control over costs.”

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