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October 10, 2016
Generali Global Corporate Partners With Generali Global Assistance to Provide Augmented Insurance and assistance

Generali Global Corporate & Commercial (GC&C), a provider of multinational property, casualty and specialty insurance

and part of the global Generali Group, announced that its United States branch has enhanced its Centurion insurance and assistance offering. Through its partnership with Generali Global Assistance, formerly Europ Assistance, the Company has bolstered the comprehensive product package to offer greater risk management solutions to U.S.-based multinational corporate and commercial organizations.

Centurion is a holistic global insurance and assistance solution for U.S. multinational organizations that provides protection for risks associated with global operations, addressing potential gaps in coverage stemming from general liability, employee injury, automobile and property exposures, and employee travel, among other risks. As a Controlled Master Program, Centurion offers global coverage consistency, centralized management and timely resolution of any issue. GC&C launched Centurion in 2015, and during its first full year of availability it has added new features to the product as well as changes to policy structure based directly on the feedback of its customers and broker partners.

GC&C partnered with Generali Global Assistance (“GGA”), part of Generali Group, to offer a number of unique coverage features through Centurion. The partnership between GC&C and GGA ensures comprehensive and

seamless integration of insurance coverage and assistance services through the Centurion offering, as both entities are owned by the Generali Group and therefore have substantial synergies. Centurion features offered and enhanced over the past year include:

• European roadside assistance

• Reverse trip travel insurance

• Workers’ compensation and Employer’s Liability coverage in various territories

• Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

• Emergency evacuation and repatriation services

• Identity protection services through GGA’s Iris OnWatch platform

JN Phillips Auto Glass/Windshield Centers Launches Comprehensive Windshield ADAS Calibration Program

JN Phillips Auto Glass/Windshield Centers announced its ADAS Windshield Calibration Program will be rolled out to its service centers, mobile technicians and support facilities during the upcoming months. This comprehensive program, under development for more than a year, includes training, education, system upgrades and the adoption of field-based calibration technology tools suited to the automotive glass replacement industry.

Central to the development of this initiative, JN Phillips Auto Glass/Windshield Centers joined with Pilkington NSG, the world’s leading OE glass manufacturers to engage in detailed quality control field testing and assist in product development of their OPTI-AIM system – across several months.

The OPTI-AIM system is the tool that could become the standard for calibration of windshield-mounted ADAS systems during the windshield replacement process.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are continually being added to new vehicles coming off of assembly lines. Both the European Union and the United States are mandating that all vehicles be equipped with ADAS systems (autonomous emergency-braking systems and forward-collision warning systems) by 2020.

Calibration is essential to insure the proper operation of the camera and other sensor devices that reside on or near the windshield. Most ADAS cameras are placed by OE car makers behind the rear view mirror, and sit in a bracket that is attached to the windshield.

The mounting of sensors and mini cameras is the newest in standard safety equipment. Basic sensors already perform a number of safety precautions such as alerting drivers of a passing vehicle entering a blind spot, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning alerts, front wheel guidance to keep wheels inside lane markers, and auto braking for collision avoidance.

When the mandate for ADAS systems in all vehicles is enacted in 2020, the demand for proven auto body calibration tools will skyrocket. Early studies have already shown a 15 percent drop in property claims in vehicles equipped with auto braking technology.

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EMPLOYERS Expands Access to Injured Employee Hotline to All Policyholders

EMPLOYERS, a small business insurance specialist, expanded access to its Injured Employee Hotline to all of its small business policyholders across the country. The service, which EMPLOYERS started pilot testing in Florida in 2014, allows employees who are injured at work to receive a professional nurse consultation by phone for no additional cost to their employers. By reducing unnecessary and costly emergency room visits or treatments by out-of-network medical providers, the service has shown it can reduce total claim costs by an average of 35 percent while ensuring injured employees receive the care they need.

Injured workers can access the 24-hour hotline to speak with nurses who are fluent in both English and Spanish and who have been specially trained to provide medical guidance for new work-related injuries or illnesses. The nurses can recommend the appropriate level of care and direct employees to the most effective, in-network medical providers.

In addition to the benefits for injured workers, there are also tangible benefits for small business owners. Calls to the Injured Employee Hotline automatically trigger the opening of a workers’ compensation claim with less paperwork needed by the employer. Because injured employees can get the appropriate care they need sooner, there is less likelihood a claim will result in a legal dispute. Also, since employees are referred to in-network medical providers, the total cost of a claim is lower, which may help business owners control the future costs of their workers’ compensation policies.

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