Winter Weather Damage to Homes Tops GBP600 Million

November 23, 2011

Research from M&S Money reveals the number of home insurance claims as a result of winter weather filed in England has risen by 200 percent over the last three years.

The total cost of damages, from both insured and uninsured homes, now exceeds GBP600m per year.

M&S Money is alerting homeowners of the need to prepare for the onset of winter.

Wind, snow, and heavy rain account for most of the damage during the winter season for homeowners. Other common winter hazards around the home include burst pipes; which have escalated in the last couple of years with freezing winter conditions, and chimney fires caused by neglected and dirty chimneys.

While many homeowners will have sufficient home insurance to cover the cost of damages, around 30 percent of households aren’t covered, either because no policy is in place or the claim has been invalidated due to a lack of basic maintenance.

Source: M&S Money

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