Connecticut Legislators Approve Measure to Cut Youth Concussions

May 9, 2014

Connecticut lawmakers have unanimously approved a measure intended to reduce the number of concussions among student athletes.

The Rising Score of Youth Sports Head Injury Claims

The Senate voted 35-0 on Wednesday in favor of legislation requiring a state education plan for concussion education. It also directs operators of youth sports to give information about concussions to children and their parents or guardians.high school football practice

Connecticut became one of the first states in 2010 to enact concussion-related legislation. Anyone with a state permit to coach intramural or interscholastic sports must receive periodic training about recognizing and treating concussions.

The new legislation, which heads to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, requires youth athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion to provide written clearance from a medical professional before returning to the athletic activity and limiting full contact practices to ninety minutes per week.

The House unanimously approved the measure last month.

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