SMI Launches Large Scale Recovery Company to Assist Retailers

April 4, 2014

SMI President, Scott Crennan, announced the debut of a new company, Disaster Recovery Services (DRS).

After Hurricane Sandy in late 2012, much of the Northeast’s retail stores were severely damaged from water, fire, smoke and mold. SMI’s disaster recovery services increased significantly, prompting the interior maintenance service company to branch out into offering “large scale” retail-based disaster recovery services and preventative plans.

Crennan said, “The need became evident last year when we saw a significant increase in service demand due to large-scale disaster recovery services. Hurricane Sandy proved that the retail world is generally not prepared for these types of disasters. DRS will help retailers develop a unique disaster recovery strategy and in the event of a disaster, certified specialists will triage the situation and determine the best plan for restoration. This will eliminate unnecessary spending while ensuring that stores are back to the pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.”

DRS featured services will include disaster recovery specialists who will be onsite to analyze the situation and determine the best plan for restoration. They will coordinate with insurance adjusters on all approved services, and provide detailed invoicing and backup documentation to meet insurance industry standards while expediting claims.

Certified inspectors will test air quality and conduct surface samplings for any mold and bacteria contamination. Remediation technicians will handle the safe removal of contaminants from stores, as well as conduct a series of certified and proven tests to provide a safe environment for re-construction.

For more information on DRS, visit, or call (800) 508-5884.

Source: SMI

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