How Petplan slashed labor costs by 15% in 2 weeks by digitizing their claims solution with EasySend

May 1, 2020

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 1, 2020 – By digitizing manual documentation gathering, PetPlan achieved a 15% reduction in labor costs, better customer experience, and reduced claims cycle by 2 business days.

“It was amazing. We went from verbal discussions to live with our first process in less than three weeks. It was so easy. It was so fast. It was actually the fastest partnership integration project I’ve ever worked on. And I’ve been in this industry and call center management support for about 20 plus years.” Chud Dull, Claims Director, PetPlan

PetPlan, the industry’s leading pet insurance company with over 40 years of global experience, has struggled with bottlenecks caused by manual processing of documentation related to reimbursement-based claims. Document gathering from the policyholders and the veterinary community was handled manually, which led to delays in claims processing, inflated labor costs, and suboptimal experience both for customers and employees.

PetPlan’s claims team turned to EasySend‘s no-code development platform to help spin up a solution quickly. EasySend application allows the customer to communicate back documents in real-time and instantly update the corresponding claim in the internal systems.

  • Simple to use no-code development and deployment – Enabling agile development, testing, deployment, and management of digital workflows in an amazingly short time frame.
  • Robust integration with internal systems– Simple integration with existing workflows, systems and processes, paving the foundation for further efficiency.
  • Time to market – While the team was looking at some companies that offer AI and RPA, those solutions seemed too complex for the need at hand.

About EasySend: EasySend eliminates a whole layer of manual processing out of claims business flow by generating a link that can be embedded into any communication sent to the customer. Files submitted through EasySend are automatically integrated back into PetPlan’s claim system via an API. As a result, PetPlan adjusters automatically receive updated information without any need for manual processing and back-and-forth emails.

Media Contact:
Tal Daskal, CEO and Co-Founder

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