The Insurance Community University Announces Webinar Classes Approved for CE in California

January 20, 2011

January 20 2011 – The Insurance Community University announces the unveiling of its ‘Lecture Series’ of Webinar Classes approved for CE in the state of California.

The Insurance Community University is the paid member portion of the Insurance Community Center. The first University CE Class is titled ‘Ethics for Insurance Agents’ and will be taught in two parts on January 26 and 27th, 2011.

Participation is simple! For one flat annual fee per office, all individuals can participate in interactive webinars taught by the Insurance Community University’s Education and Training Team Led by Laurie Infantino, Marjorie Segale and Casey Roberts. As a member of the University your office will have access to one webinar per month for a total of 28 hours of CE available for individuals licensed in California. This is a pilot program and the University will be offering CE in other states, as well throughout the year.

Let’s look at the cost. The Insurance University has a tiered pricing structure that makes membership affordable for any size office. Laurie Infantino provides us with an example cost structure. “An agency that has between 26 and 75 people the annual cost is $1250.00 for the University. That works out to be $48.00/person. If the agency has only 26 people for 28 hours of CE”, explains Infantino. In an agency with a larger staff of 75, the education would cost $17.00/person for the 28 hours. This is true value for your operating dollar”, says Infantino. Rates vary based on the size of the office.

“It is much more than just getting CE”, Segale states. “The University is all about ‘Excellence and Education’. We promise the highest level of education in these webinars.” Segale continues ‘Even for staff that does not need the hours these classes will prove invaluable to furthering their understanding of insurance.”
Keep your skills sharp with additional University benefits.In addition to classes and seminars, the University also provides access to invaluable training and resource materials which are included in the flat annual fee. These types of products include: Insurance Checklists on a variety of topics, Educational and Insurance Power Point Presentations for your agents and internal meetings, Insurance Articles, Audio Presentations on a variety of Insurance Topics; Test and Learn Quizzes for testing existing staff and new hires and much more. The university and community is growing every day – adding new resources and products for the benefit of the community.

Become a part of this growing community and join the University Today. See for yourself what is offered by visiting or email for more details or a guided tour.

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