What’s the Quality of Your Leads?

April 5, 2010

Lead quality is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days by lead providers, but actually understanding what “quality” is and ensuring that you are receiving quality leads, seems to elude many insurance companies. Take a step back and walk in the shoes of a consumer looking to purchase insurance. Imagine that they come to your company and ask for quality auto insurance. You respond that you do have quality auto insurance, and then you explain why it is quality insurance by going over what is covered in the policy, what benefits you receive, and so on. You instill a value into your product, and can easily defend that value to your potential client. The potential client, probably wouldn’t buy your insurance, if all you told them was that you are selling “quality insurance,” without providing proof to back it up, so why do you simply take the word of providers you buy leads from?

Buying leads should not be a crapshoot; your business should make informed decisions like they would if they were carefully investing in anything else. Insurance lead management, allows your company to track the performance of any lead source your throw at it, and can then allow your company define what quality is. By having complete visibility of your leads throughout the whole sales process, you can then adjust your strategy swiftly and easily, to maximize your company potential and be successful.

At Leads360, we have created the Lead Performance Intelligence initiative (LPI), which allows your company to share the data you accumulate by working leads, directly with your lead provider. This helpful data allows your company to enforce quality from your lead provider, and allows them to see for themselves how the leads they sell are performing. With LPI, there is only one side of the story, and this fact allows your company to leverage this newfound data to secure the best leads available. Our mission is to help our customers and partners “make leads more valuable” by creating transparency around lead quality and performance.

Utilizing technology allows your company to stay ahead of the curve, and allows you to be competitive. Check out everything that Leads360 has to offer by visiting Leads360.com, or calling 1-888-856-0534.

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