Announces Free Webinar to Explore Insurance Marketing for Agents

November 3, 2009

The major online insurance leads provider,, will offer a no-cost web cast seminar allowing insurance agents in every field to improve their marketing skills and take advantage of several industry tips and precautions.

North Hollywood, CA, November 3, 2009 – Insurance agents need an impressive collection of skills in order to satisfy the strict and often harrowing demands of building trust and credibility and closing sales. But while most insurance agents may devote plenty of time and attention to these ends, not many are familiar with the world of marketing. This is, however, a vital aspect of modern insurance sales success, and the knowledge of how to effectively market oneself and one’s products can have a significant impact on professional success. To answer the call for greater industry understanding of insurance marketing, will present a free webinar on November 19th entitled, “Free Webinar: Insurance Marketing for Insurance Agents.”

The webinar will introduce the basic concepts of marketing in a context specifically geared towards insurance agents, helping them apply the principles of creating solid, positive impressions and promoting personal brands in various mediums. Insurance agents can learn about both traditional and modern forms of marketing, and how new technologies, especially those online, can help develop, strengthen, and empower industry careers. In addition to highlighting the importance and foundational aspects of insurance marketing, the webinar will also take a close look at methods and techniques with proven efficacy, as well as those that, while popular, will likely only lead to lost time and money.

Register online in advance to view the webcast:

Helping insurance agents avoid common pitfalls in insurance marketing, the webinar will ultimately aim to promote the most useful techniques available and discuss how individual ideas and strategies can enhance already efficient marketing methods. The webinar comes as part of’s recent development of expanded resources for insurance agents. A major player in the sphere online leads generation and distribution, has also proven to be one of the most highly-respected and popular online hubs for insurance agents to hone their skills and keep up with the latest trends and technology in insurance sales and brokerage. The webinar will help’s new meeting site for insurance education and professional development, the IL Academy, round out its offerings and reach a wider professional audience.

Though most insurance agents may possess competitive skills when it comes to interacting with prospective clients and communicating the importance of various insurance policies, there is a wide rift in the profits that each insurance agent and firm creates. This may be due to several factors, but one of the most important is the quality and competence of a given agent’s marketing, and without this vital skill, agents may find themselves earning far less than they could potentially with the right knowledge and experience. The “Free Webinar: Insurance Marketing for Insurance Agents” offering from will confront the need for a better understanding of insurance marketing head-on, leading agents interested in furthering their careers and expanding their profits to new heights of professional success.

In its sixth year of operation, is a significant source of quality, verified insurance leads for a wide range of insurance types, and has helped countless agents and insurance companies find better prospects and improve sales ratios while taking advantage of the power of online leads generation. Enhancing its support and resources offerings is a primary goal for the firm as it continues to re-define and invigorate the online leads market.

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