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September 29, 2009

Leads360’s Lead Distribution and Sales Lead Management Software is trusted by thousands of internet lead buyers and recommended by top lead providers including AgentInsider®,, Insurance Quote Exchange (QuoteScout), QuoteWizard, and more.

Los Angeles, (September 29, 2009) – two of the greatest challenges that are faced by insurance agencies today are sales lead management and sales lead distribution. Fortunately, lead generators and lead aggregators are confronting the challenge alongside their clients by pushing for the adoption of lead management solutions in the insurance industry.

The Pains of Lead Tracking and Distribution

One of the common issues faced by insurance agencies and producers is how they can effectively track both their new and old sales leads. Many agencies feel that, for unknown reasons, they have been losing clients instead of keeping them. Lead providers have long known that they can generate quality leads at a reasonable cost, but until recently they could not track the origin of the problems that some of their clients experienced in closing deals. Lead providers have turned their attention to helping their clients implement the most effective technology solutions to improve lead conversion rates.

Slow response to new leads is a common problem among many traditional insurance agencies. Lead providers found that most of the high quality insurance leads that they generated were not being attended to promptly by producers. In fact, due to the time-value of new leads, lead providers found that many of their clients were letting new deals slip through their fingers. Research has shown that sales leads need to be contacted within 5 minutes in order to have the best chance of closing, but most agencies were failing to meet this threshold. Lead providers found out that some of these insurance agencies typically would take more than 48 hours to get their sales team to make the first call. By that time, their prospects have already moved on to competitors or the consumers’ interest in products and services has already dissipated. In fact, in many offices, leads would not even be distributed to producers until hours or even days after the leads were received – greatly reducing their chance of successfully selling policies.

Lead providers also discovered that many insurance agencies who buy insurance leads were disorganized in how they track the activity of their producers. In many agencies, it is unclear which agent is working which lead or who is responsible for following-up with which prospects. And at the end of the day, without transparency, it’s impossible to hold producers responsible for outcomes.

How Software Is Revolutionizing Lead Tracking and Distribution

Insurance companies are well positioned to take advantage of the internet revolution because it is easier than ever to shop for insurance online. Likewise, insurance lead providers are the best option for both consumers and insurance agencies to connect buyers and sellers with maximum efficiency. “Insurance leads generated on the internet are a superior opportunity for producers to connect with motivated buyers and for buyers to get the immediate service that they expect from online transactions,” said Mike McDonough of Insurance Quote Exchange. “We want to encourage all agencies to implement lead management software to help provide the service that consumers expect and the service that will ultimately result in many more policies written by producers.”

Leads360 is the #1 lead management software and has been working closely with sophisticated insurance agencies to aggressively approach internet leads and help producers write more policies. “We appreciate how Leads360’s technology has helped us receive and distribute leads to our producers in real-time,” said Eric Mallon of Insurance Quote Exchange. “Leads360 makes it easy to gain full visibility over our valuable sales leads and to ensure that every lead receives prompt and thorough follow-up, resulting in more policies sold. It’s a revelation to have automatic lead tracking and distribution. It has transformed sales and marketing from an unpredictable black hole into an easily scalable profit-center.”

“When QuoteWizard delivers leads to producers, we want them to have the right formula in place to consistently turn our leads into sales. Lead management software from Leads360 is an integral part of this formula,” said Alex Elperin from QuoteWizard. “Our goal is to build successful, long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Because of this, we strongly encourage them to use Leads360.”
“I am passionate that Leads360 is the best thing I have seen in 20 plus years of selling,” concluded Sean Chamberlain of Independent Health Agents Marketing, which represents companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Health Care, Assurant, American Community and other insurance carriers.

About Leads360
Leads360 is the market and technology leader in Web-based customer acquisition and lead management solutions. The company enables buyers and sellers of consumer Internet leads to achieve unparalleled return on investment. Clients can realize maximum lead value through purpose-built technology, success-driven training, a highly responsive support team and superior intelligence surrounding lead performance. Leads360 currently manages more than 20,000,000 leads and serves over 4000 clients in the most competitive business-to-consumer industries.

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