Double Your Agency Revenue: Fact or Fiction?

July 15, 2009

San Francisco, California – July 15th, 2009 – Astonish Results, an aggressive insurance marketing company, is making some very bold claims in their advertisements. But are they really backing it up with “astonishing results?”

“Double the size of your agency in three years.”
“The Greatest Digital Marketing System in the world.”
“It’s mathematically impossible to write less business using our system.”

Flooding trade publications, industry conventions, and the Internet with messages like these, Astonish has been claiming to be the biggest and the best in their field. Skepticism is a natural response to statements like these. Knowing this, Astonish and their clients have been very candid about the financial success the system is generating.

With over a decade of Internet marketing experience, Astonish Results decided to work exclusively with the insurance industry two years ago. Since then over 120 agencies, running the gambit of sizes and products, have partnered with Astonish Results and are using their Digital Marketing System. Astonish recently released a report showing that their top ten clients have used the system to literally double their commissionable revenue in less than 24 months. That’s one year less than their advertisement claims.

One client in particular, Paul Murphy, was willing to make his figures public. When Paul started with Astonish in February of 2008, his Massachusetts-based P&C agency had $10 million in premium on the books and made approximately $900,000 annual revenue. When the report was released in June 2009, Paul Murphy’s agency had already grown to over $24 million in premium and over $2.4 million in revenue. Paul notes that his agency is on target to do $3.6 million in revenue in 2009, which will mean Paul Murphy has more than tripled his annual revenue in less than two years.

Success stories like these only beg another question—how? According to Astonish Results founder and CEO, Adam DeGraide, “Success in the Internet age comes from having a complete system to help you find, sell, and keep more customers profitably. That’s exactly what we’ve developed over the past decade. Our clients’ results make perfect sense. With 85% of insurance customers using the Internet to research before they buy, I’d be skeptical if they didn’t get results.”

Tim Sawyer, President of Astonish Results, put it this way, “Many people today think marketing success comes from one thing. They say to themselves, ‘If only I could get on the first page of Google, I’d make more money.’ The truth is, marketing has never been about one thing. Successful marketing comes from putting everything together into a complete system that gets results. That’s what we’ve done for our clients. Their results are only limited by how aggressively they choose to use the system.”

The figures that Astonish and their clients have released prove that their confident claims are backed by facts. Astonish now offers another way for independent agents to hurtle their doubts – they’ve given agents the ability to see their system by scheduling a Virtual Presentation on their website,

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