The Opportunity to Buy Insurance Leads

June 30, 2008

Who has the opportunity to buy insurance leads? Generally speaking, agents and brokers are the two sets of professionals who are most interested in this. The question is: why would anybody want to purchase insurance leads when they can be gathered without paying a dime? This is a good question, and one that holds agents back from moving forward. With that being said, there are plenty of quality reasons that agents should consider buying leads instead of relying on what they can find on their own.

The number one reason to buy insurance leads is to save time. If you are the type of agent who likes to gather leads during your spare time, you are not alone. But how much time do this take you? If you are like most agents, you could spend all day everyday making a list of leads. By doing this, you are not leaving a lot of time for actually making sales calls. In the end this means that you will have plenty of leads, but you will have waited a long time to call on them. Remember, the longer you wait to call a potential buyer the better chance there is that they will do business with somebody else.

Another reason to buy insurance leads is that they are not overly expensive. Even though you do have to pay for leads, they are an investment in your business not an expense that you can do without. And remember, with each lead that you buy you will have a very good chance of selling a policy. Overall, this translates into the ability to make more money.

Every agent or broker needs to decide if buying insurance leads is the right choice. If you consider the pros and cons, there is a very good chance that you will end up making a purchase in the end. is a leading provider of all types of insurance leads. For limited time insurance professionals can receive $200 worth of free insurance leads for activating an account. Go to to take advantage of this offer.

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