Buying Health Insurance Leads can help you Earn More

June 25, 2008

With so many people uninsured, agents who sell health insurance are having more success than ever before. More and more companies are cutting out group coverage, which is in turn pointing buyers towards individual health insurance. If you are an agent within this sector, you can cash in big time. The only question is: where are you going to get enough health insurance leads to keep business moving in the right direction? The answer is simple: you can look into purchasing health insurance leads from a lead generation company.

The health insurance sector is more competitive today than ever before. If agents do not separate themselves from the pack in one way or the next, they are sure to lose business and profits as each day goes by.

Dealing with a health insurance leads service is not as hard as many agents think. Consumers who are interested in purchasing health insurance obtain quotes from an online service. This service collects all of the pertinent information including contact details, policy preferences, etc. At this point, the lead generation company forwards the information to the agent for a predetermined amount of money.

The last step in the process is when the agent gets in touch with the prospect in an attempt to close the sale. At this point, all of the pressure is on the agent. Fortunately, agents have an easier time closing these leads because they have been verified by the insurance lead generation company. In other words, it is not a cold call that is not expected. Instead, the consumer is expected to be contacted by agents in the near future.

Do health insurance leads cost money? Yes. But remember, you are buying leads for the chance to sell a policy. When you do make a sale, you will recover your initial expense while also adding money to your monthly paycheck.

By purchasing health insurance leads, agents can earn more money on a regular basis. is a leading provider of health and other type of insurance leads. For limited time insurance professionals can receive $200 worth of free insurance leads for activating an account. Go to to take advantage of this offer.

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