and AgencyIQ Join Forces

May 1, 2008

It’s an exciting time for agents who use either or both of these services, for as of April 23 AgencyIQ and have joined forces. Alone each was a powerful tool but together they will truly be a force to be reckoned with. Agents will now have all the tools they need under one umbrella. knows that fresh, real time insurance leads are needed and how important it is for agents to make contact with internet leads in a timely manner. In fact, there is a direct correlation between how quickly contact is made and whether the sale occurs. That’s the very reason why chose to partner with AgencyIQ, a leader in lead management systems.

AgencyIQ software is designed to help agents keep track of their leads, lead sources, and clients in an easy to use system that is effective and stores all the information in an organized manner, which means at any given moment the agent knows the status of a lead.

In the highly competitive insurance market, most agents purchase leads from a variety of sources to maximize their sell through rate. The trouble is keeping track of all these leads in a contact management system is a real hassle. It’s certainly not a functional method.

Some agents don’t even bother to go through all that hassle, they just print the leads out and then file them away. The trouble is when these leads are filed away it’s a waste of time and money because every lead needs to be properly accounted for.

The complete solution is in the partnership of these two industry powerhouses – brings fresh leads to you, while AgencyIQ efficiently keeps track of all lead sources and your contact status.

Agencies that signup for the dual services will quickly discover just how valuable the partnership is. Not only will the fresh leads continue to arrive, with the superior tracking system agents will instantly know where they stand with a lead, and an organized agent wastes less time and closes more sales.

About, Inc.

In August of 2007 Inc. came to the market. Based in Columbus Ohio, is the leader in the industry of insurance lead generation, providing a full spectrum of insurance lead products to agents in all 50 states.

This highly organized and energetic company isn’t like other lead generation companies because they don’t oversell their leads. By limiting the distribution of quality leads, they ensure agents are receiving fresh, viable leads. This philosophy isn’t surprising for a company that focuses completely on customer satisfaction.

About AgencyIQ

AgencyIQ was the brainchild of a group of insurance agents who decided they needed a much more efficient way to handle the incoming leads. The problem was that the leads continued to accumulate but there was no good way to keep track of this growing collection of leads.

The power of the internet, some brainstorming, and an understanding of what agents needed and the AgencyIQ system was born. Here was a powerful tool that agents could use to track leads in an effective and organized way. AgencyIQ brought it all together.

It’s an exciting time for agents in all 50 states, finally a complete approach to lead management.

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