Insurance Brokerages rely on Live Transfer Insurance Leads

April 30, 2008 has found that more and more insurance brokerages are purchasing live transfer leads in bulk.

North Hollywood, CA – April 30, 2008 — Insurance brokerages earn money by taking a large number of leads, and turning them into sales. With the help of, brokers are finding this task to be easier than ever before. By purchasing live transfer leads in bulk, insurance brokerage firms have more prospects to call on. In turn, the end result is increased sales and profits.

With competition in the insurance industry increasing, brokers are looking for advantages that will allow them to rise above. specializes in working with brokers that are interested in purchasing insurance leads. More particularly, and insurance brokerages are partnering through the sales and purchase of live transfer insurance leads.

Jenna Williams, an insurance broker in Pennsylvania, has found live transfer leads helpful. “Before I came across live transfer leads from, I was relying on my own insurance marketing methods to find new business,” she said. “Now, leads are transferred to me by phone, and my only worry is closing them out. It is much simpler and time effective to receive internet insurance leads in this manner.”

Live transfer leads are just now making their way into insurance broker offices across the United States. caters to brokers who want to streamline the marketing and sales process.

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