Attention Insurance Agents – Important Information about Insurance Leads

February 29, 2008

With all of the conflicting opinions about insurance leads and their value to your business, which information can you trust? Some say insurance leads are essential to today’s insurance market; others believe buying leads will cut into your profit and waste time that could be spent in more “worthwhile” marketing pursuits. Why not find out the truth for yourself?

What does buying an insurance lead mean? An agent who has purchased an insurance lead has paid for information submitted by a potential customer to an insurance referral company. A real-time insurance lead directly connects the agent via phone to the customer. Chasing leads for people who don’t need your product will not help your business.

An efficient insurance marketing company allows you to select what type of customer you are looking for and generates your insurance leads based on that information. It will filter out anyone who does not fit your insurance specialty. In this way you won’t need to worry about trying to sell life insurance to someone looking for automobile insurance. By inputting detailed criteria for your insurance leads, you’ll be matched up with clients needing the specific insurance services you provide.

Traditional methods of insurance marketing your insurance business through the local phone book or billboard advertising can be a hit or miss. The greatest advantage to buying high quality insurance leads like those found on is that you are focusing your energy on customers serious about buying insurance.

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