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December 4, 2007

Are you having a hard time finding new insurance prospects? Are you tired of spending money on marketing methods that don’t produce leads? If so LeadsClearance.com is a solution to your problem.

More and more people are using the internet to connect with insurance agents. Everyday thousands of insurance prospects request to be contacted by an insurance agent through websites like 2insure4less.com. LeadsClearance.com provides insurance sales agents with ability to preview these insurance leads before paying for them.

Go to http://www.leadsclearance.com/about/demo.htm to watch a 2 minute video of LeadsClearance.com can increase your book of business.

Top Five Advantages of using LeadsClearance.com:

    1) Insurance agents have the opportunity to preview the leads they are interested on, making the possibility of getting a bad lead close to none.
    2) The sales agents are not obligated to prepay for the insurance leads nor are they required to obtain memberships into any networks or groups. There are no hidden risks and fees imposed on insurance sales agents using the services of LeadsClearance.
    3) LeadsClearance offers full credit for every bad insurance lead returned by the sales agent.
    4) The sales agent can choose to purchase exclusive leads or opt to buy shared leads which are also available to other two insurance agents.
    5) Using the lead generating system of LeadsClearance will also reduce the unnecessary efforts made by insurance agents in chasing down prospects that have no real intention of buying. With the high sales closing ratio derived from leads generated by this web site, agents will have no need to spend so much effort and money on traditional method of brand advertising.

Go to http://www.LeadsClearance.com/ to preview leads now.

We look forward to having you as another satisfied client. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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