Hoffman-Henry Insurance Corporation Licenses QueryPlus

November 6, 2007

November 6, 2007 – QualCorp, Inc. scores a major victory in helping AMS AFW and AMS 360 customers by placing their QueryPlus Reporting Tool in the office of Hoffman-Henry Insurance Corp. Dennis Edwards sees the tremendous benefit and advantage of having the QueryPlus Reporting Tool in his office. With access to ALL data fields through QueryPlus, agents can create sophisticated claim reports, customer reports, lost business reports etc. The comprehensive reporting ability of QueryPlus affords the agents with many money saving & money generating tools previously unknown to many agencies.

“Every agent I have ever spoken to has a common problem, they all wanted access to every piece of data captured in their agency management system. Most agents want more reporting flexibility than their current system affords them. They do not want to spend a lot of money on consultants or programmers to get ad-hoc reports from their agency management systems.” comments Allen Beggs, President of QualCorp, Inc.

QualCorp, Inc.’s wide range of insurance industry solutions includes third party administrative (TPA) resources for policy issuance, a cutting edge policy issuance and administration software solution. QualCorp, Inc. is headquartered at 24911 Avenue Stanford, Suite 205, Valencia, CA 91355. QualCorp, Inc. also has offices in Dallas, Texas.

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