Top Strategies for Selling Insurance

October 25, 2007

Topics Covered in this article:

    1. How to add millions in new business to your book of business using internet leads
    2. Helpful tips and techniques for using internet leads
    3. Major changes in insurance leads quality leads to more productive use of time and higher profitability
    4. Disturbing trends in insurance marketing and how to avoid being taken for a ride is the leading insurance leads provider to insurance agents with major emphases on quality. addressed the needs of individual agents and large sales centers for a secure future. From triple layer quality control, to onboard tools, technology and live human resources to follow up, verify and transfers of live interested prospects to your phone… We do it all, because… Helping you achieve your financial goals is our goal!

Adding millions to your book of business is still possible if you buy leads from quality providers like, who offers more than a consistent volume of quality real time leads together with flexible leads management system and onboard tools to increase efficiency., a proven time tested provider of quality leads is offering the highest quality insurance leads in the marketplace.

For limited time is giving free leads to agents that activate an account. also offers an automated follow-up system by email and autodialing technology and live operators who can verify interest and hot transfer interested prospects to your phone.

Over the past 5 years quality of internet insurance leads decreased, as new players entering this lucrative market. Many agents previously reporting average conversion of 30-40% for most P&C and health products are now happy if they close between 10% and 20%. New vendors without substantial cliental base cannot compete on PPC and SEO basis and are prone to get creative in racking-up quantity of leads at the expense of quality. Agents often fall for lower prices from new fly-by-night- players and end-up taken for the ride.

The insurance market place is going more high-tech and becoming more of a numbers game. In order to turn a large numbers of leads into sales with maximum efficiency, a small agent needs access the same technology resources that are available to large technologically equipped sales organizations. This is where comes in. Its automated follow-up, interest verification and hot transfer technology allows agents to maximize sales opportunities on each lead they buy by focusing on the sale instead of chasing prospects, follow-up reports and status tracking.

Getting more sales from your leads
Helpful tips and proven techniques on how to maximize sales using internet leads…

Maximize your ROI in leads by creating your own customizable list of prospects by loading them into your long term contact management system. Many agents are requesting leads vendors to upload their leads, via HTTP, XML, or text post to their own database and using it to keep in touch with prospect via, phone, email and snail mail. But if you are suffering from technophobia you can outsource this task to your leads vendor.

If you are buying 10 leads per day and are able to reach 6 the first day, you need to follow-up with remaining 4 prospects at least 4 times over the next few days and each message should be different in its wording and context. For example the next day you bought another 10 and spoke to five or six, now you need to add remaining prospects to your contact list and keep track of mounting number of prospects in dynamic status. has onboard technology to instantly email your introduction letter and send customizable follow up letters.

You can also use’s autodial technology to call your prospects, verify interest and hot transfer them to your phone during scheduled hours and keep following up with those you did not reach. You can also choose not buy leads, but instead buy “hot prospects” (interested and ready to speak to an agent) which are sent directly to your phone.

“ is the only leads vendor that helps me to reach my prospects, so I can concentrate on sales.” Travers M. Johnson.

Patience, Follow-ups, Discipline
Building a repo with prospects through consistent follow-ups, and positive attitude will go a long way in turning prospects into customers. Send them an e-card and holyday wishes, remind them about yourself, your products and share new opportunities. Creating long term relationship with prospects is the key strategy to succeeding with leads.

For limited time is offering $200 worth of free insurance leads for agents who activate an account. Visit to learn more.

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