Learn How Insurance Agents Can Make a Million Dollars per Year Selling Insurance

October 16, 2007

Insurance agents know that selling insurance is a numbers game. The more leads they speak with, the more sales they will make. The biggest problem for insurance agents is getting fresh motivated insurance leads. Insurance agents spend thousands of dollars on old school marketing methods like expensive yellow page listings, bus bench banners, hiring assistants for cold calling and door knocking. The end goal of using these marketing methods is to generate insurance leads.

Traditional marketing methods to insurance consumers have proven costly and ineffective. Internet has replaced yellow pages and has become the number one choice for connecting with insurance agents. To target insurance consumers online, insurance agents turn to insurance marketing companies like QuotesAuction.com and LeadsClearance.com that specialize in generating online insurance leads for insurance agents.

Insurance agents can make more than a million dollars per year, but most don’t because they focus on marketing to people they know and rely heavily on referrals. Insurance agents that obtain online insurance leads open the door to becoming financially free. Here is a method for making a million dollars per year using insurance leads obtained from QuotesAuction.com and LeadsClearance.com leads. This is based off a scenario of an agent that receives health insurance leads with an average close rate of 20%.

2000 Total Leads Received (about 67 leads per day)
x 99% Quoted
x 50% Connected with the Consumer
x 20% Close Rate on Consumers Spoken with
= 200 # of Policies Written
x $450 Approximate Present Value of Commissions received over the life of one policy
=$90,000 Total Commission Revenue Value Created Per Month
x 12 months
= $1,080,000 Total Commission Revenue Value Created Per Year

QuotesAuction.com e-mails leads to insurance agents within few minutes of prospects request to get connected with an insurance professional. For limited time QuotesAuction.com is giving insurance agents $200 of free insurance leads for activating an account. Go to https://www.quotesauction.com/sign-up.htm to learn more.

LeadsClearance.com gives insurance agents an opportunity to preview insurance leads before paying for them. To preview leads go http://www.leadsclearance.com/ and Sign Up for free account. No credit card information is required to preview leads.

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